Master It.

In one night, let us teach you how to hone your sewing skills and master the process of T-Shirt building. "I made it " will be a new phrase in your vocabulary.


Team Up.

We want to work with you. Get paired with one of us designers and let us show you why sewing is the best for your mind + soul. It is our mission to assist you in building an industry standard T-Shirt crafted with your very own hands. No Experience Necessary.


"Sewing and Sake, an experience. I have never felt such inspiration all at once".


A l e s s i a

F r o m   S e w i n g  +  S a k e


Immerse yourself.

We're just a bunch of creatives eager to share our process with you. Immerse yourself in our studio and connect with our network of creative entrepreneurs.


Wanna Join?

It's Simple. Pick Your Style. Choose Your Colour. Get your Ticket.


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